The Importance of Structure

The day I saw past my own limitations was the day I learned about structure. I was stuck trying to write stories about things I dreamt of, however, I would never finish them. Those dreams were just interesting, exciting and sometimes invigorating moments, but moments are not complete stories. A complete story requires structure.

The need for structure was a major blind spot for me which is comical considering I knew the value of having structure. I served in the military right after high school. I got married soon thereafter and raised to two great kids. I worked in corporate environments for most of my adult life. All these things require structure to be successful.

Structure is to us what structure is to the house in which we live. It’s the framework on which everything else hangs

I’ve always been fascinated with storytelling and storytellers. I wanted to be a storyteller, so I wrote. I wrote stories when I was a kid. I made up stories for my children when they were kids. They’re grown now and I’m still writing stories, but I’ve never felt like they were complete. I’ve never felt like the written story matched the dream. That’s was until I stumbled across a book that talked about structure like it was a mathematical problem.

The book is titled, Save the Cat, and it’s by Blake Snyder. It’s marketed towards screenwriters and I’m no screenwriter but the parts about structure made all the sense in the world.

People would tell me I’m a writer and I would respond with “No I’m not. I’m just someone who writes.” But not anymore. Now I know how to structure my stories.

 “Writers write. Dreamers talk about it.”  Jerry B. Jenkins

A proper structure can benefit all aspects of our lives, from our families, and our careers, to our businesses and even our nation. So, if you’re missing the mark like I was, take a hard look at your structure.

Maybe it’s even time for you to write your story! I like to think that we all have at least one great story in us.



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Writer and storyteller as well as the author of the Caiti and Kelp series of children's books

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