The Burrow (Book 1 Chapter 1)

It rained all night long, but the rain clouds are gone now leaving a clear dark blue sky. Kelp waits outside his best friend’s burrow. “Caiti! Caiti! Are
you up?” he yells.
Coming from deep inside the burrow Kelp hears sounds that resemble things moving around and breaking. He yells out again, “Are you okay in there?”
Inside the burrow, Caiti is out of breath, she yells back, “Yep, I’m okay. I’m better than okay!”
A flower blooms right in front of Kelp. He looks at it, smiles and eats it. “If you are better than okay,” Kelp says with a mouthful of the flower, “why are you still inside instead of out here with me?” Kelp spots another flower which sprouted up near an opened
can of green paint. The flower is covered in the paint. Kelp devours it. Yuck! He spits it out and coughs as he
tries to rid his mouth of the horrible tasting flower.
“Are you okay out there?” shouts Caiti.
“Yes,” coughs Kelp, “would you hurry though? We have a long walk ahead of us.”
Kelp looks out into the distance. Although it’s early, most of the animals of the Mojave Desert have
started their day. He walks to the entrance of Caiti’s burrow. It’s dark inside and not much light gets in
which helps to keep it cool. Caiti is doing the best she can to keep a hat from sliding off her head. “I’m almost ready,” she says. “I have to make one minor change. Trust me, it’ll be
worth the wait.”
Moments later Caiti appears, and Kelp is speechless. He stares at her with his mouth wide open. Caiti is wearing a giant hat made of fruit and flowers and more fruit. Oh, and she’s green. Not just any green either. Caiti is the same green as the opened can of paint and the flower Kelp just ate.
Caiti smiles as she says, “So, what do you think? It was worth the wait, right?”
Kelp continues to stare without saying a word.
“Wow,” says Caiti, “your reaction is even better than I could imagine.” She walks in a circle so that Kelp
sees her from all sides.
“How?” says Kelp. He blinks a few times. “Why?”
He gets another word out as he twists his head to the side. “What?”
Caiti smiles. “You’re the best, Kelp. Let’s go! We have a long walk ahead of us.”

Caiti and Kelp are best friends and tortioses that live in the Mojave Desert. This excerpt is from the book entitled, Caiti and Kelp: A Green Day. Which is book one of volume one (Caiti Green).

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Published by Chessley James

Writer and storyteller as well as the author of the Caiti and Kelp series of children's books

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