Roadrunners (Book 1 Chapter 2)

Nearly three hours have passed, and the sun has risen over the Mojave Desert. Caiti and Kelp walk near some cacti where a few roadrunners are running, hopping and flying back and forth.
The Roadrunners stop in their tracks and their beaks hang wide open as Caiti and Kelp walk by. Caiti notices their reaction and assumes they’re impressed with her fancy hat, so she extends her neck and raises her head high into the air.
Out of nowhere, Squawk! The sounds of roadrunners laughter fill the air. Caiti and Kelp stop walking and turn back to see what’s so funny. The Roadrunners are all rolling around in the dirt, laughing. Two of them, Spig, and Twigs fly towards Caiti and Kelp. They land right in front of Caiti.
“What are you supposed to be?” laughs Spig. But before Caiti says a word Twigs chimes in, “She’s the first desert traffic light!”
“Green means go!” yells Spig.
“Green means go!” yells Twigs. Spig and Twigs dart about saying, “Go! Go! Go! Go!”
Caiti watches them and gets irritated. “Roadrunners are so dumb,” she says. “What does my hat have anything to do with a traffic light?”
“She’s wearing a hat too,” laughs Spig. “Kelp, shame on you for letting that traffic light wear your lunch on her head.”
Until now Kelp hadn’t considered that they would eat the hat for lunch, so he asks, “Is that our lunch?”
His question hurts Caiti’s feelings. “I thought you liked my hat. Why are you making fun of me too?”
“I am not making fun of you,” says Kelp. “I was not sure because, I like your hat, but I do not understand why you painted yourself green.”
Confused and hurt Caiti says, “Green?”

“Yes, green,” replies Kelp. “Green from your head to your shell to your toe.”
Caiti pauses as she considers what Kelp just said. She stretches out one of her legs and looks at it. Then she stretches out another leg. She stretches her neck out as far as she can to see her shell. Yikes! Caiti screams and runs off leaving them all standing there.

Caiti and Kelp are best friends and tortioses that live in the Mojave Desert. This excerpt is from the book entitled, Caiti and Kelp: A Green Day. Which is book one of volume one (Caiti Green).

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Published by Chessley James

Writer and storyteller as well as the author of the Caiti and Kelp series of children's books

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