3rd Grade Blues

A friend’s daughter just started the 3rd grade and she’s struggling with the work load. Meanwhile, her mother is frustrated with how much she’s struggling considering that things went so smoothly in 1st and 2nd grade.

Question: I think my daughter has poor study habits. How do I help my daughter with studying without getting so disappointed and frustrated?

Answer: One of my good friends is an elementary school teacher. She once told me that teachers expect 3rd graders to no longer act like babies. No more naps, no more treats and no more crying at school. So the curriculum gets more challenging.

When my kids were young I would use a little child psychology to make them feel better about doing homework and studying. Kids like choices but they don’t have to be two fun choices. I’d give my kids two work choices. Clean up your room or study your vocabulary – Go outside and pick up after the dogs or read some books.

Try some psychology and feel good in knowing that whatever one they choose they’ll be helping you and/or helping themselves.

It’s your birthday!

I recently had a conversation with a friend who’s birthday is coming up.  Her kids are grown and she’s dealing with some serious empty nest syndrome challenges.

Question: Should I be upset that my husband and kids made other plans that didn’t include me over my birthday weekend?

Answer: As my niece once said, “communication is the key.” You have to tell them what you need.  In the perfect world, they would just read your mind but this isn’t a perfect world so you’ll have to tell them what you need from them…and maybe throw in that you miss them and that you really wanted to spend time with them over your birthday weekend